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Gave me a good laugh

I really really really wish this really happened to fred, he is soo unfunny and annoying. Good job on the animation too :D I love the ending when the guy pisses on Fred lol

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Fuck Yea, 92%!

I like it

I like these types of games, it has some good challenges that uses my mind. It has simple challenges like connect the wire or something like that but it gets harder later on. Its a fun challenging game.

8/10 - 4/5

Psionic3D responds:

Thanks for playing and commenting, very much appreciated!!

I love this game

I love all the medevil games, and this one expectionaly, good plot, good spells, and good trinkets, and good game over all

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Interesting piece

Well it almost sounded like a hip hop beat, It reminds me of one actually, that's why this has caught my attention. The chords are not bad, but I think some of them are miss placed because they sound wierd to my ear. The loop with the drums and such is good, its a different pattern then what I usually hear, I think you can improve this song with some new beats and maybe some more leads?

6/10- 3/5


Zooloo75 responds:

The goal in this song is to feel emotion, not composition.

Epic indeed

I really enjoyed all the new aspects you included in this piece, everything seemed to fit very nicely, there is nothing wrong with the piece, everything is just seems to fit where it is suppose to be. Flawless work.

5/5 - 10/10


Remake this

You have to re-work this, the kick is not kicking that hard because all of the effects and such are overpowering the song, I am guessing you are over compressing the song like hell because that every sound plays loud then soft, over and over again. I like the remix as of structure of sounds, but what I would do is to re-mix/mix this and make it better because right now its just a huge mess of sounds.

Better luck next time,

5/10 - 2/5


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